How to avoid tenant damage to your Houston rental property.

System - Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Best Property Manager in Houston Texas, Mo Hashem with Flat Fee Landlord - Houston, discusses tips and steps you can take as a Houston Landlord to avoid your tenant from damaging your rental property. It is always best to invest in tenant placement and put an emphasis on placing the right tenant in your rental property. Run a proper background check on your tenant and interview their previous Landlords to see how they treated their previous rentals. History is a great indicator of future so if they have a history of damaging rental properties, then you can almost expect it to happen to your property also.

Additionally, make sure you are requiring a rental security deposit for the property from the tenant. If you don’t collect a security deposit, the tenant has nothing at risk when they move out. If you are holding a sizable security deposit from the tenant during the life of the lease, then they have more on the line of losing which will give you a greater chance of getting your rental back in good condition without any damage. The more the tenant has at risk, the less likely they will damage the property.

As always, reach out to our office if you have any questions. Happy Landlording, Houston!