Rent or Sell My Houston Home In 2019? Explained by Houston Property Manager.

System - Sunday, February 10, 2019

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Best Property Manager in Houston discusses how the current #houston #housing market can increase your chances of finding a good #tenant for your #Houston #rental.  

With the fed already set and announced that interest rates on home loans will go up, this has a significant impact on the #Houston housing market because it's going to have buyers who were ready to buy, not be able to any longer or prevent them from buying now vs later. 

Higher #interest rates on loans mean that #buyers need to come with a bigger down payment to put on a #home along with higher monthly payments.  Even the smallest increase can make a lender approve or deny a loan application.  When the market offers high-interest rates, the #rental market flourishes which in return makes rents go up and vacancies get filled much quicker.  Future buyers will most likely wait 2-3 years until they think about buying again (or until interest rates come down, whichever happens first).

I can help you maximize your return on your investment by finding a qualified renter quickly and have them stay long term to allow cash flow on your investment property (or the more popular reason I hear today, the property you tried to sell but just couldn't). Call me today to show you how our service can be turn key for you where you don't have to worry about leaving your seat to get your home rented and professionally managed so you don't have to deal with your tenant...ever!

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