Renting My Houston Property - Should I Use "My Agent" or Property Management Company

System - Sunday, January 20, 2019

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Best Property Manager in Houston discusses the pros and cons of using an agent who specializes in home sales vs #leasing to get your home #rented.

Using a real estate agent is definitely the best way to go when you want to do anything with your #Houston home whether that’s #selling or #leasing. The point I want to drive home is that even agents specialize in 1 vs the other.

The majority of the agents out in the market become a realtor to mostly work with buyers and sellers. It’s rare that an a real estate agent gets their license to strictly work on leasing homes, since the monetary return in the amount of work that goes in just doesn’t equal to one another.

This is why I say that working with a property management company is your best bet to rent out your home. When you work with a #houstonpropertymanagementcompany you will be working with someone who will be working mostly on leasing homes. This also means that you will be working with someone who has a great understanding of what renters look for in a home, understand the market to come up with proper pricing and can properly screen potential rental applications to determine whether it would be a good fit your home or not.

In this video I mention a few things which can be very impactful to whether this will be a successful experience for you or not. I mention things such as - time. Does “your agent” currently have a lot of buyers/sellers while they try to take on the task of renting your home? Will your home be a top priority to get it rented? Or will they be working on the sales instead? Does “your agent” have the tools to be able to properly screen all applications to make sure you won’t be evicting your tenant 3 months from now or possibly look at thousands of dollars to repair the house once your unqualified tenant moves out?

These are all very important things to consider when you are considering renting your home. You have to ask yourself who is best qualified to rent my home?

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