Why Is My Houston Home Not Renting?

System - Tuesday, October 23, 2018

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Why you should consider using a professional to help rent your Houston Home:

In the start of the Fall season, I often get a lot of phone calls primarily from landlords who have already rented their house before but are having trouble being able to do it again. Chances are, that if you are researching and this blog is a reference to your problem, then you might have rented your home during the Spring/Summer seasons.

Trying to rent your home by yourself can be very challenging if your Houston property becomes vacant during the Fall/Winter months. I say this because, simply there aren’t as many active renters (tenants) are looking to move.

With Spring/Summer months being the most popular time of year for renters to move in Houston, you may want to consider using a professional to help you rent your rental property.

A few things to consider:

The number of renters out needing to move is not as great. Major factors are:

1. School is back in session.

2. Corporate relocation companies aren’t moving many employees around towards the end of the year.

3. The weather changes, it gets cold!

4. It becomes the holiday seasons. Renters want to avoid having to move during the holiday seasons, they want to travel to see family, not looking for a new place to live.

With these obstacles in place, it makes renting your Houston property very challenging. Using a professional you will have more tools & resources to be able to get your home rented.

Working with a professional leasing agent you will have someone able to follow up and stay on top of all of the leads that come in for potential renters that would like to see your home. If you have a 9-5 job, this can become a part-time job in itself because you have to try and get the potential renter on the phone or text/email multiple times per day back and forth JUST to schedule a showing.

There are many ways that Flat Fee Landlord can make your life easier when it comes to renting your Houston home. Please reach out to me see how Flat Fee Landlord can rent your home as quickly as possible to avoid having you come out of pocket to pay for your rental home for multiple months while vacant.

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